Hindi sister

hindi sister

uncle (father's sister's husband), फूफा (phūphā). aunt (father's younger brother's wife), चाची (cācī). aunt (father's elder brother's wife), ताई/बड़ी मम्मी (tā'ī/baṛī mam'mī). aunt (father's sister), बुआ (bu'ā). Mother's side. grandfather (mother's father), नाना (nānā). grandmother (mother's mother), नानी (nānī). uncle. ताई, बहिण, nani, didi, apa, Didi, BehanJi, Akka, அக்கா Akka, Akka / Akkayya. छोटी बहन (Chhotī Bahan), younger sister, younger sister, Bhoni, Bhonti, bon বোন [bon], Bahen, Tangi, Anujathi, Bahin/maai बहिण, माई, Bhauni, -, Nangi, Thangai, Chelli. भैया (Bhaiyā) / दादा (Dādā), elder brother, elder brother, Dada. Translation for 'sister' in the free English-Hindi dictionary and many other Hindi translations.

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